Store Build

Our Shopify Setup

Things you don’t need to worry about anymore:

1 - Design & Layout

Theme consultation & recommendations

We discuss your requirements and exchange design inspirations to pick the perfect theme to use as a starting point.


We customize your theme with your brand colors and fonts. If you don't have these, we can pick them. The only thing we can't provide is your logo.

Footer & Header

We set up the store navigation menu, search bar and additional menus and promos in your header and footer.

Homepage design

We set up features like sliders, featured collections, instagram feed, featured products, testimonials and more.

Static Pages

We create pages like About Us, Contact Us with contact form, FAQ with dropdowns, and other pages.

Custom design & coding

There are no limits. We may start with a purchased Theme, but if you need some pages to have a totally unique design, we can do that.


2 - eCommerce Setup

Product Upload

We upload all your products, set up variants like sizes and colors, compress images and make sure product pages are seo-friendly.

Collection Setup

We set up your categories (Collections in Shopify) in a way that is logical, easy to organize and browse.

Collection Filtering

If you have lots of products, we set up filters on your collection pages, so that customers can find the right product.

Shipping Assistance

We help you integrate apps for calculating shipping and printing labels

Product SEO

We know how to make your product pages stand out in Google Search results with features like star ratings.


3 - Launch!

Guided take-off

When it's time to publish your website, we will be ready for any urgent last-minute changes.

Ongoing Work

If you need someone to manage your site and make regular changes, we are available at hourly or discounted monthly rates.


Our setup vs. doing it yourself

We save you hundreds of hours in the long run.

As a store owner you have a lot to worry about aside from the website; including creating or sourcing the products themselves, the shipping, the product descriptions and photos. If you value your time, focus on the business and leave the technical stuff to us.



We can cater to your budget. Below you can get a rough idea of your projects cost. Please keep in mind that these are not fixed packages, every project is different and you will get an exact quote just for you.


1 - Simple Store (budget around $250 -$500 USD)

We professionally set up your purchased Shopify Theme, upload content and products, organize them, set up filters, collections and navigation.

‍If you lack time or technical confidence to set up your own store, this can be the perfect quick-start solution for you. Get up and running in just 1-2 weeks.

2 - Standard Store (budget around $600 - $1500 USD)

This is the most common price range. We use a Shopify Theme as a starting point, but modify the design and code to better suit your requirements.

This price range also includes much more in-depth help with marketing and analytics tools, SEO and Integrating Sales Channel (Facebook, IG and Google)

Your site is usually ready to launch in 2-4 weeks.

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